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Sustainable management of natural resources of Cyprus is vital, as Cyprus is a small island whose 36.2% of the area is currently illegally held up by Turkey, after the military intervention that carried out in 1974. Within this context, the agricultural and rural areas that make up the unique character of the Cypriot countryside, forests as well as other natural areas and aquatic ecosystems, must be preserved and become more sustainable. The Ministry of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Environment undertakes the immense responsibility, to promote through an integrated coordination, the protection and sustainable management of the environment, natural resources, and the sustainable management of agricultural, livestock and fisheries production. Therefore, we work with a great sense of responsibility, to ensure a better quality of life for present and future generations of Cypriots.

Before the creation of the Ministry, responsible for the agricultural policy was the Department of Agriculture which was founded in 1896, with the first Director Panagiotis Gennadios, a distinguished agriculturist from Greece who was called in by the British Colonial Government due to his large agricultural experience and knowledge. He served until 1905 when he resigned and was succeeded by D. Sarakomenos, also from Greece.

It is worth noting that from the early years of the colonialism, the Chief Forester was also the inspector of agricultural products. The Forest Department is the oldest of the current Departments of the Ministry. The Ministry was housed and since then has remained until today, in the two-storey stone building of Agricultural School, which in 1933 was moved to the Experimental Agricultural Villa in Morphou.

The Ministry was founded with the independence of Cyprus in 1960. Turkish Judge F. Ploumer was appointed as the first Minister of Agriculture and Natural Resources in the Transitional Committee, which from 1959 until the establishment of the Republic of Cyprus in 1960 was the respective Council of Ministers. Mr. A. Azinas was appointed as Deputy Minister for the same period. From 1993, the Ministry was renamed from Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources to the Ministry of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Environment. Today, it consists of 11 Departments/Services and is responsible for a number of Semi-Governmental Organisations. It is also responsible for the Cyprus Agricultural Payments Organisation (CAPO). For more information about the Semi-Governmental Organisations and CAPO, you can visit their respective websites by which can be found under ‘’quick links’’ on current site’s Home Page. The following table includes Departments, Services and Semi-Governmental Organizations that fall under the jurisdiction of the Ministry.


1. Department of Agriculture
2. Department of Veterinary Services
3. Agricultural Research Institute
4. Land Consolidation Department
5. Department of Fisheries and Marine Research

Semi-Governmental Organisations

1. Agrigultural Insurance Organization
2. Cyprus Agricultural Payments Organisation

Natural Resources

6. Water Development Department
7. Forestry Department
8. Geological Survey Department
9. Meteorological Service
10. Mines Service


11. Department of Environment


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