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Republic of Cyprus
Consolidation Department Website:

The mission of the Department of Land Consolidation is the coordination, management and implementation measures for land consolidation in Cyprus under the agricultural policy of the Government. The land consolidation as a key infrastructure project contributes to the alleviation of the various problems of rural property, arising from the anachronistic system of land tenure and are an impediment to rational and efficient development of agriculture.

The main problems solved by the implementation of land consolidation plan is the fragmentation of land, lack of rural roads, the possession of the undivided property (joint ownership), and binary / multiple format (one individual owns the land and other the trees or water) and the irregular shape of the plots.The plan applies land consolidation in Cyprus with democratic procedures, which comply with the european acquis. These procedures, as set in the Consolidation Legislation, provide to owners the right for active participation in all stages of the project for land consolidation, inspection of all documents and drawings published and to submit hierarchical appeal or court of appeal.

Additional Land Consolidation Department prepares, publishes and implements plans of landscape beautification and environmental protection, in areas where land consolidation plan applies. The main objective of these projects is to protect and preserve cultural and natural formations of land, expansion and enhancement of flora and generally improve the aesthetic value of the land consolidation area.

Also, since 2005, according to the law which provides for the Assessment of Environmental Impact of Certain Plans and/or Programs, the Department conducts an Environmental Impact Assessment for each new project for land consolidation.

Land consolidation is a multifaceted and diverse task, which requires the cooperation and involvement of many other government departments and agencies such as Department of Lands and Surveys, Town Planning and Housing, Water Development, Agriculture, Forestry, Geological Survey of Public Works, Antiquities, Environment, the District Administration and others.

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