Republic of Cyprus
Agricultural Research Institute


Food Technology Laboratory

The Food Technology Laboratory (FTL) was established in 2010-11 with the mission of the Microbiological, Chemical and Organoleptic analysis of food products and raw materials, aiming to help research in the broader field of production and availability of quality, nutritious, safe and organoleptically acceptable food products.

Research Interests
  • Functional foods and natural food preservatives / additives.
  • Microbiological and chemical quality of food products (food safety).
  • Nutritional evaluation of foods.
  • Improvement of production methods and standardization of traditional food products.

Ongoing Research
  • Investigation of the antioxidant and antimicrobial capacity of natural products
  • Evaluation of the microbial load on the edible part of fruit and vegetables irrigated with treated waste water
  • Investigation of the effect of processing and cooking on the nutrients and anti-nutrients in dry cowpea seeds

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