Republic of Cyprus
Agricultural Research Institute

Fruit Trees

The Section’s research work aims at the improvement of yield and quality of fruit trees and vines.

Imported varieties of citrus are being tested and rootstocks tolerant to tristeza virus and calcareous soil are being evaluated in order to replace the commercial rootstock sour orange, which is susceptible to the disease. Small fruit size, biennial bearing and pruning of citrus were investigated.

Work in viticulture included the evaluation of new table grape varieties at two locations and the evaluation of existing ones trained on new trellising systems. The table grape variety Superior and the local winegrape variety Maratheftiko are evaluated on five American rootstocks resistant to phylloxera. Local wine grape varieties are evaluated and data for the ampelographic description of the varieties is collected at Saittas Experimental Station. Trials for increasing berry set of the local wine grape variety Maratheftiko were carried out at several locations.

Section's Staff

Savvas Savvides, Soteroula Ioannidou, Maria Emmanouilidou

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