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Agricultural Microbiology Laboratory

The mission of Agricultural Microbiology Laboratory is to study the composition and functioning of soil microbial communities. Our aim is to identify the interactions between microbial communities, plants and anthropogenic activities affected by climate change. The laboratory implements a combination of molecular microbiology methods, analytical chemistry, sequencing with Next generation technology (NGS) and bioinformatics to answer key questions regarding the science of microbial ecology. In our group we study the microbial communities involved in greenhouse gas emissions while the direct emissions of nitrogen nitrous are identified. Our group coordinates a series of European external funding projects and the National Infrastructure for the creation of the first Soil Genetic Resources Bank in the Republic of Cyprus.

Research Interests
  • Improvement of knowledge regarding the contribution of soil microbial community in soil fertility and the plant-microbe interactions
  • Pesticides enhanced biodegradation
  • Development of microbial origin products in order to increase crop systems productivity

Ongoing Research
  • A multifaceted study of rocket (Eruca sativa) for increased potential in its use by the Cypriot farmers.
  • Genetic improvement for adaptation to climatic changes: Upgrading of cultivation of local cowpea varieties.
  • Investigation of the effects on soil and the environment and evaluation of the risk to public health from the reuse of treated municipal waste water for irrigation.

European External Funding Projects
  • Research Promotion Foundation, Republic of Cyprus “Environmental Microbiology and Biotechnology Centre”, New Strategic Infrastructures.
  • European Union; Funding scheme: CSA Action- H2020-WIDESPREAD-04-2017-Teaming Phase1; AGRICYGEN “Establishment of an AGRIcultural GEnomics CeNtre in CYprus” 2017-2018
  • European Union; Funding scheme: ERANET-MED; “developping tools for SUstainable food PRoduction in mEditerranean area using MicrobEs” 2017 – 2020
  • European Union H2020; Funding scheme: FACCE-SURPLUS; “ModellIng solutions for improved and Resilient mAnagement strategies for Olive tree against future CLimatE change” 2016-2019
  • European Union; Funding scheme LIFE+; “LIFE+ORGANIKO: Revamping organic farming and its products in the context of climate change mitigation strategies” 2015-2019
  • European Union; Funding scheme: H2020; “Embedding crop diversity and networking for local high-quality food systems” DIVERSIFOOD 633571-2, 2015-2019

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