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    Dear Friends,

    Welcome to the Website of the Department of Agriculture, of the Ministry of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Environment. In an era where the Internet has become part of everybody’s life, the Department of Agriculture had to have its own website. The website was established in December 2004, and it has since been replaced by a more modern and user friendly website, in which can be found useful information on agriculture, livestock production, the measures of the Rural Development Programme 2007-2013, the European Union, Legislation governing the agricultural sector as well as publications, announcements, events and other activities of the Department.

    The establishment and use of new technologies for communication and exchange of information is a challenge, but also a significant feature in the modern era, especially after the accession of Cyprus to the European Union.

    The Department of Agriculture, with its experience and tradition of over 100 years, will continue to support the Cypriot farmer and expend all its strength for the best possible adaptation of the Cypriot agriculture to the new and complex environment that has been shaped and determined by alignment with the acquis on the free movement of products and diversification of support measures and income support for farmers. Our main concerns in this process are of course the protection of the interests of Cypriot farmers and the promotion of as many reforms as possible that will benefit Cypriot agriculture.

    Our rural people should rest assured that the Department of Agriculture will continue to work collectively and with a programme to address any problems arising with our main objective to safeguard and enhance earnings. We are focusing on revitalizing the rural economy and ensuring the short-term and long-term future of our countryside. Our basic aims will continue to be the improvement of the competitiveness of the sector, the protection of the environment and the countryside and the improvement of the quality of life in rural areas.

    I would like to reassure our farmers that both I and the entire staff of the Department of Agriculture have the duty and obligation to support you, stand beside you and to propose solutions to the multiple problems you are facing.

    We are here for you!

    Dr Androula Georgiou


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