Republic of Cyprus
Department of Agriculture


Activities of the Agronomy Unit (Field Crops Unit)

The field of action of the Agronomy Unit include the cultivations of cereals, legumes, fodder plants and industrial plants (oil and textile plants, sugar etc)

The Unit has the responsibility for the representation of the Cyprus Republic in the Management Committee of the Common Organisation of the Agricultural Markets of EU for the cereals, sugar and the industrial plants. Is dealing and inform farmers for rural development issues in relation with the above cultivations.

The goal of the Agronomy Unit, for the crops which is responsible for, is to reduce the cost of production and increase profit of the producers, improve the quality, productivity and competitiveness and exploit the comparative advantages due to climate or soil in the various regions.

Another goal is the development of organic agriculture of field crops.

This will attempt to be achieved, inter alia through education/technical support of the farmers for the implementation of improved cultivation techniques and the dissemination of species and varieties with commercial prospects and varieties that are adapted to the soil and climate conditions of Cyprus. It will also attempt to develop the negotiating power of farmers through the producer groups.

Conduct of studies or use pilot/demonstration fields for solving difficulties of the cultivation and to promotion techniques and varieties to farmers.
Getting data on the volume of production, cultivation area, quantity of sowing seed, production value and the cost of production. Concentration of the current sales price for the principal species per week and inform EU (ISAMM).

Establishment of a register of producers of cereals, legumes and industrial plants.

Above and overall is the formulation of a strategy for the sector of field crops in Cyprus.

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