Republic of Cyprus
Department of Agriculture

Seed Production

Activities of the Seed Production Centre

      The offices, silos and machinery of Seed Production Centre allocated in Nicosia (SOPAZ area).

      The Seed Production Centre provides the following services:
      ·Management of Scheme for Basic Seeds of cereals and fodder plants and the Scheme for Certified Seeds of cereals and fodder plants.
      ·Collection, processing and resale approximately 6,000 tons of certified and basic seeds of cereals and fodder plants.
      ·Provision of services to farmers who want to clean their own seeds using machines and silo complex.
      ·Advisory services to farmers who participating the Scheme for Certified Seeds for culture practices (sowing, pest control and mowing) and supervise their implementation.
        The Seed Production Centre does not apply any legislation. The procedure of the production and commerce based on Seed Laws of 1998-2007 and Seed Regulations of 2002-2010.

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