Republic of Cyprus
Department of Agriculture

Agricultural Extension

Activities of the Agricultural Extenstion and Publicity Section

The Agricultural Extension Section informs, advises, instructs and trains the rural population. Furthermore, plans and carries out in-service training courses. The Section is responsible for coordinating the organizing of the Pancyprian Agricultural Fair. The Section also participates to the implementation of the Rural Development Plan 2004-2006 and the Rural Development Programme 2007-2013 for the following measures:
1. Training of farmers
2. Technical and Advisory Services for the farmers

Disseminating of information, training/advising farmers and rural women is done through the Agricultural Extension Section΄s Programme, which includes:
•Training courses and apprentice training courses at the Agricultural Training Centres
•Study trips
•Group activities (lectures, demonstrations and local short training courses)
•Individual contacts
•Circular letters
•Demonstrational plots (new varieties, control of pests and diseases, etc.)

Specifically, training of rural women for issues regarding home economics is promoted, especially in the last few years, by educating rural women in issues like small scale industries for processing agricultural products, handicrafts, traditional cooking and sweets, agro-tourism, embroidery, etc.

For training the farming population various programmes are prepared which have informational and educational interest and are presented through the weekly radio and television programmes. “Time to talk about Countryside” and “Countryside” respectively, as well as many articles published in daily newspapers and magazines.

The webside of the Dapartment of Agriculture is a new way of informing rural population and the public on a wider spectrum.

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