Republic of Cyprus
Department of Agriculture

Agricultural Economics and Development Section

Activities of the Agricultural Economics Section

The Agricultural Economics and Rural Development Section constitutes a horizontal section of the Department of Agriculture of the Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development and Environment.
The responsibilities of the Agricultural Economics and Development Section mainly concern:
1. Issues of Common Agricultural Policy (CAP).
2. Policy making and follow-up regarding Direct Payments for farmers.
3. Issues of Rural Development Programme.
4. Issues regarding the Investment Measures of the RDP.
5. Issues regarding LEADER.
6. Participating in several EU Committees (e.g. Management Committee for Direct Payments and Leader subcommittee).
7. Coordination on issues relating to the meetings of the Special Committee on Agriculture.
8. Coordination on issues relating to the meetings of the Council of the European Union (Agriculture and Fisheries).
9. Policy-making, coordination and follow-up of state aid, including guidelines for state aid, de minimis aid and Agriculture Block Exemption Regulation, in the agriculture sector.
10. Drafting and implementing the state aid scheme for compensation of damages due to fires.
11. Coordinating issues related to damages in agriculture.
12. Coordinating the preparation and follow-up of the Development Expenditure Proposals of the Annual Budget and the Mid-term Budget Framework for the Department of Agriculture and also the Activity Based Budget, which is the new format of the Budget.
13. Coordination and preparation of the Strategic Plan of the Agriculture Department.
14. Participating in the implementation of the scheme for the provision of financial assistance to the enclaved persons due to special difficulties in carrying out agricultural activities.
15. Dealing with issues relating to the World Trade Organization and international and bilateral agreements.
16. Coordinating the implementation of the mechanism for forecasting crop production in Cyprus.
17. Coordination on issues relating to the International Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO).
18. Coordination on issues relating to Family Farming.
19. Providing training to farmers and other stakeholders in agricultural development.
20. Coordination of the revision procedure of the fees charged by the Department of Agriculture.
21. Technical assistance in several techno-economic studies and cost estimation, provided by the Department of Agriculture.
22. Other responsibilities that may be assigned.

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