Republic of Cyprus
Department of Agriculture

Plant Protection and Apiculture Section

Activities of the Plant Protection and Apiculture

    Provision of advices to farmers and rural associated organization on plant protection and apiculture issues:

    Provision of advices to farmers and rural associated people and organizations on various plant protection and apiculture issues. The information to the public is achieved through (a) visits to the farmer field, (b) publication of technical articles to the daily newspapers and magazines, (c) publication of technical leaflets, which are available to the public, (d) programs in radio and TV, seminars and workshops in groups, etc.

    Plant protection and apiculture announcements:

    Using pest forecasting models based on pest population monitoring traps, biological and environmental data (e.g., atmospheric temperature, relative humidity and rainfall) and other empirical programs the Section makes regularly announcements to the farmers about the right period of pesticide application on certain pests and diseases. Announcements on other plant protection and apiculture issues are also performed.

    Regular visits at farmers’ place and diagnosis of the plant pests and diseases:

    Trained personnel of the District Agricultural Offices visit problematic crops on a daily basis and give advices to the farmers. If the diagnosis of the problem is not feasible at field then samples are taken to the laboratories for further identification. For the purpose of the activity, the Department of Agriculture has developed a well-organized network which includes trained personnel, equipped laboratories and equipment.

    Detection and identification of harmful organisms of plant health and plant propagation material interest.

    The advisory and supportive role of the Plant Protection and Apiculture Section includes the use of diagnostic tools and methods for the detection and identification of harmful organisms of the interest of plant health and national plant propagation material legislation. Trained personnel are involved to the sampling procedures. This activity is performed for the support of the Plant Health and Quality Control Section, which has the responsibility for the application of the related legislation.

    Promotion of new and improved plant protection and apiculture methods and practices to the farmers and the beekeepers.

    In collaboration with research institutes and universities, field and demonstration trials are conducted for the investigation and/or promotion of new and improved environmental compatible methods and practices on the benefit of the farmer and beekeeper. The outcome from these trials or from any other research study with practical application is promoted to farmers / beekeepers.

    Rat Control Project

    The Section undertakes the rat control project, which includes the following activities:

    Rat Bait Production

    The Section provides a factory equipped with the suitable machinery and stuffed with trained personnel for the production of rat bait. The rat bait produced by the Department of Agriculture is named DoA Rat Bait. The annual production of the bait is about 200.000 to 300.000 kg. About 60.000 kg bait is used for the control program undertaken by the Department of Agriculture and other Goverment Departments which take part in program. The rest is provided to the Local Authorities (Municipalities and Communities) which take part in program to the subsidized price of 0,50 per kg plus V.A.T.

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