Republic of Cyprus
Department of Agriculture

Land and Water Use Section

Activities of the Land and Water Use Section

The section’s main activities include soil science, plant nutrition, water use, hydroponics, agro-mechanics and agro –environmental issues. The main objective is the improvement of agricultural production in combination to the proper use of the production factors such as soil, water, and fertilizers as well as the sustainable use of natural resources, with the environmental protection framework. The introduction / promotion of innovative technology and transfer of knowhow to the farmers is also among the objectives of the Section.

Sector of Soil science
This sector, deals with the taxonomy and mapping of soils for agricultural purposes .It provides advice to land users concerning the soil suitability, the soil chemical analysis evaluation and the necessary measures that have to be taken for sustainable productivity.

Sector of Plant nutrition
The proper use/ application of fertilizers, the evaluation of chemical analysis results for soil and leaves and the implementation of appropriate fertilizer input programs are some of the important activities of the sector.
In addition the sector deals with the proper use of plant and animal wastes for agricultural purposes.

Sector of Water use
This sector provides technical support in order to achieve efficient use of water in agriculture, the best utilization of the available water and the mitigation of the effects from its shortage in agriculture.
The technical support includes the implementation, planning and monitoring of modern irrigation systems as well as their installation and automation.
Irrigation timetables, fertigation programs, the use of new technology in irrigation systems and the use of recycled water for agricultural purposes are also promoted.

Sector of Hydroponic culture
An evaluation is carried out to assess the suitability use of various substrates which are widely used in the hydroponics cultures. Additionally a program is carried out concerning the suitability of nutrient solutions for different cultivations.

Sector of agro-environmental issues
The sustainability, the protection and the reversion of environmental degradation are the main environmental objectives of this sector. Major priorities include the publication of the Good Agricultural Practice (concerning fertilizers, animal waste, recycled water and sludge), the designation of the six nitrate vulnerable zones and the implementation of the Action Plan- program.

Sector of Agro-engineering
This sector deals mainly with soil conservation issues and the promotion of programs that intercept land degradation. Furthermore, it offers to the farmers technical advice and architectural plans for various constructions. In order to develop animal husbandry in an organized and environmentally friendly manner, a number of infrastructure projects have been completed. Efforts have also been made for the promotion of mechanization in agriculture and the adoption of new machinery/ technology.

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