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The Ministry of Agriculture Natural Resources and Environment (MANRE) has the overall competency for the legislation on animal nutrition, which is composed of the basic law (The Feedingstuffs and Feed Additives (Control of Quality, Supply and Use) Law 13 (I) of 1993) as amended by Law 34 (I) of 2001 and Laws 53 (I) of 2002, 19 (I) 2004, 125 (I) 2004, 30 (I) of 2007 and the implementing Regulations: (The Feeding Stuffs and Feed Additives (Control of Quality, Supply and Use) Regulations, 131/2001, 518/2004, 124/2006) including the Ministerial Orders 246/2002, 357/2004, 49/2005, 118/2005, 107/2006, 312/2006, 332/2007,245/2008, 41/2009, 19/2010, 162/2010, 366/2010, 458/2010. The Law controls the importation, production, labelling, circulation, sale and use of all feedingstuffs, additives and premixtures and with the addition of the new law 33(I) of 2006 and the Regulation 107/2006, the control of manufacture, use and circulation for coccidiostats in the form of additives and premixtures as well as the registration and approval of establishments and intermediaries

The Department of Agriculture is the Competent Authority responsible for the official feed inspections. Inspectors at the central level perform controls throughout the country. They are responsible for the inspection of feeds and feed additives and establishments and intermediaries in the feed sector (E/I) One of the inspectors is permanently posted at Limassol port, the country’s main entry point for feeds, feedingstuffs and feed additives who is also responsible for inspections at the Vasiliko port as well as Larnaca airport and port together with the inspectors from the central offices
The Feedingstuffs and Feed Additives Council (FFAC) is responsible for granting approvals and registrations according to the requirements of Regulation 183/2005/EC
Control of premixtures and additives containing coccidiostats and the approval and registration of operators manufacturing or using these substances is under the responsibility of the DA

All Inspectors are appointed by the Minister of Agriculture and belong to the Department of Agriculture. All inspectors working and carrying out official controls have all the legal powers to carry out official controls and take appropriate measures based on the powers laid down in the basic law (The Feedingstuffs and Feed Additives (Control of Quality, Supply and Use) Law 13 (I) of 1993) and the implementing Regulations including the Ministerial Orders.

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