Republic of Cyprus
Department of Agriculture

District Agricultural Office Nicosia/Kyrenia

Activities of the Nicosia/Kyrenia Agricultural District Office
The Nicosia/Kyrenia Agricultural District Office is situated in the industrial area of Strovolos, (Bithleem St. No. 101, 2033 Nicosia) along with the Department of Fisheries and Marine Research. It has also under it’s supervision a regional extension office in Evrychou which is open to the public every Friday from 09:00 - 13:00.

Before 1974, in the north central area of Cyprus, there were two District Offices, one covering Nicosia District and the other covering Kyrenia district. After the Turkish invasion in 1974, the two districts are now considered as one.

The Nicosia / Kyrenia Agricultural District Office is divided in
seven regions (beats). The beats are attended by the Regional Officers (for each beat) and by the Plant Protection and Animal Husbandry Officers for the whole district of Nicosia as shown on the table below.

Services provided by the Nicosia/Kyrenia Agricultural District Office are:

Informing and guiding the agricultural world on various issues such as:
a) the promotion of governmental development projects in the fields of agriculture and livestock,
b) the Rural Development Program 2014 - 2020,
c) the Legislation resulting from the application of the acquis communautaire, and
d) the possibilities and prospects of the agricultural sector.
Information and guidance through organized events, and through the media (radio, newspapers and magazines) and also with the distribution of printed material, which can be obtained from our office.

Educating the farmers through training programs, lectures and seminars on issues related to:
a) cultivation practices,
b) the implementation of new production methods,
c) improving the productivity and competitiveness of agricultural holdings,
d) the implementation of measures to protect and improve the environment,
e) the restructuring of crops, and
f) the production of safe and high quality agricultural products.

Implementing and controlling of state plans aid, in the agriculture sector, that is based on European legislation.

Providing recommendations on various issues regarding land use that relate directly or indirectly with agricultural issues.

Data collecting and processing regarding Measures and Schemes for the Rural Development Program.

Conducting pest controls for rats and insects for plant protection purposes.

Conducting surveys on crop and livestock sectors.

Managing of livestock areas.

Monitoring and guidance of the Plant Protection Associations.

10) Managing the Farmer’s Registry.

Handling various tasks assigned from time to time by other government agencies or semi-governmental organizations.

Co-operating with Agricultural Unions, Local Authorities or organized groups, in order to improve our services to farmers.

Our aim is to offer a prompt and reliable service to citizens. Our office is open to the public on weekdays from
7:30 until 15:00. The office staff is at your service for anything you might need regarding agriculture and livestock.

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