Republic of Cyprus
Department of Agriculture

District Agricultural Office Lemesos

Activities of the Lemesos Agricultural District Office's

    The Agricultural District Office of Lemesos serves all municipalities and communities of Lemesos exept for the communities of Lemesos District which belong to the Agricultural District Office of Pitsilia.
    The purpose of our office is the update informal, the correct guidance and the very good education of growers in subjects like:
    1) Modern agricultural practices and ways of production
    2) Improvement of production and competitiveness of agricultural farms
    3) Plant protection
    4) Proper use of irrigation water through implementation of watering schedules, fertilization programs, improvement of soil structure, proper use of recycled water
    5) Protection and improvement of the environment
    6) Rural Development Program 2007-2013, 2014 - 2020 and other government developing plans
    For this purpose systematic personal contacts take place with the growers, informal meetings, dispersal informal literature and also informal technical subjects are provided through the radio programmes, media and newspapers.

    Other Competences of our Office:
    1) Application and control for Agriculture Plan of EAC
    2) Control of Action Programme for the sensitive Nitrification Areas
    3) Scrapie Control Programme
    4) Control and check of the population for the seasonal Rat Control Programme
    5) The placement and monitoring of insect traps for the monitoring populations of certain insects such as Redscale, Olive fruit fly, Mediterranean fruit fly, European grapevine moth, Codling moth and issuing press releases for timely management
    6) Survey of plant and animal production
    7) Charge of the action and guidance of the Vine Protection Association
    8) Administration of Husbandry Area Section
    9) Production of Certified Seed Cereals
    10) Allowance of architecture plans for agricultural and husbandry manors
    11) Processing jobs from other Government Services and Semistate Organizations

    For the better service of farmers the District Agricultural Office of Lemesos collaborates with the Agricultural Organizations, Local Authorities, Farmers Organizations and other organized groups of our District.

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