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District Agricultural Office Larnaca

Activities of the Larnaca Agricultural District Office's

The District Agricultural Office of Larnaca serves all municipalities and communities of Larnaca except for the communities Odou and Melini which belong to the District Agricultural Office of Pitsilia. The main objectives of our Office, in line with the general objectives of the Department of Agriculture, are the development and upgrading of the agricultural sector through the valid information and proper guidance of farmers, beekeepers and the wider public. The implementation of the Office's objectives is mainly accomplished by Agricultural Extension, the measures of Rural Development Program 2014-2020, the Rural Support Schemes and Programs and the enforcement of national and European Union legislation. Adopting the above-mentioned training and support methods contributes to enhancing the quality and competitiveness of agricultural products, food safety, proper management of farms and the environment and multidimensional education of our farmers.

Organization and Competences of the District Agricultural Office of Larnaca
Ø Larnaca is divided into four Beats:
Agricultural Beat of Choirokitia and Orinis Larnacas Area
The following Communities are served: Ag. Theodoros, Ag. Vavatsinias, Vavatsinia, Vavla, Zygi, Kalavasos – Drapia, K. Drys, K. Lefkara, Lagia – Parsata, Mari, Maroni, Ora, P. Lefkara, Skarinou, Tochni, Choirokoitia, Psematismenos.
Agricultural Beat of Kiti-Anafotia
The following Communities are served: Anglisides, Alaminos, Alethriko, Anafotia – Aplanta, Dromolaxia, Kivisili, Kiti – Softades, Meneou, Pervolia, Tersefanou, Kofinou, Mazotos, Mennogia.
Agricultural Beat of Eastern Larnaca & Kalo Chorio-Korno
The following Communities are served: Avdellero, Ag. Anna, Athiainou – Petrofani, Aradippou – Koshi, Delikipos, Kalo Chorio, Kellia, Klavdia, Kornos, Larnaca, Leivadia, Mosfiloti, Xylotympou, Xylofagou, Ormideia, Oroklini, Pyla, Pyrga, Troulloi, Psedvas.
Ø In addition, for subjects related to Animal Husbandry and respective Areas, Larnaca is divided into two Beats:
Animal Husbandry Beat of Eastern Larnaca
The following Communities are served: Avdellero, Ag. Anna, Athiainou, Aradippou, Kalo Chorio, Kellia, Kornos, Larnaca, Leivadia, Mosfiloti, Xylotympou, Xylofagou, Ormideia, Oroklini, Pergamos, Pyla, Pyrga, Troulloi, Psevdas.
Animal Husbandry Beat of Western Larnaca
The following Communities are served: Ag. Theodoros, Anglisides, Alaminos, Alethriko, Anafotia, Vavatsinia, Dromolaxia, Kalavasos, K. Drys, K. Lefkara, Kivisili, Kiti, Klavdia, Kofinou, Mazotos, Mari, Maroni, Meneou, Mennogia, P. Lefkara, Pervolia, Skarinou, Tersefanou, Tochni, Choirokoitia.

In the beats above a program of agricultural extension is implemented, through which there are systematic individual contacts, group contacts (lectures, regional information gatherings, method demonstrations, etc.) and mass communication (information-awareness with letters, announcements / SMS messages, radio programs, texts in magazines and newspapers, etc.) with farmers and general public in our district.

Special Sectors
Land and Water Use Section
    - Advices for subjects associated with Irrigation Systems, Crop Nutrition, Soil Science and Hydroponics
    - Chemical analysis of soil (preparation of fertilization program) and water
    - Scheme for the provision of architecture plans for agricultural purposes
    - Environmental and agroenvironmental subjects (Cross compliance, Code of Good Agricultural Practices)
    - Opinions for Governmental Plots, Building License, Urban Planning License, investigation license etc.
    - Agromechanics, Calibration of pesticide application equipment, etc.
    - Adoption of Action Program for the sensitive Nitrification Areas
    Plant Protection Section and Apiculture
      - Advices for subjects associated with Plant Protection and Apiculture
      - Rat Control Project
      - Establishment and check of insects traps
      - Survey of Apiculture and Apicultural Program
      - Surveys of harmful organisms
      - Association for plant protection of olive trees
      - Sampling and diagnostic work
      Rural Development Program 2014 – 2020
      The rural people of Larnaca is informed about the provisions regarding various measures of the Rural Development Program.

      Scrapie Control Program
      The Scrapie disease control plan of sheep and goats is an important control program of spongiform encephalopathies, and it is implemented in accordance with the provision of Community law (Regulation 999/2001, co-financed by E.U. and the state).

      Other Competences of our Office:
        - Farmers Register, Agricultural Petroleum Plans
        - Farm Accountancy Data Network (FADN), which belongs to FADN, Data Analysis and Documentation Section
        - Administration of Husbandry Area Section
        - Surveys of plant and animal production
        - Estimates of losses to other governmental services
        - Inspection and certification of the production of certified cereal seeds
        - Issuing of certificates and keeping relevant Registers (Organic Farmers, Crops for Employment of foreigners, for specific Markets (“Laikes agores”) for Agricultural products and Use in Various Services)
        - Receiving applications for a training certificate for a professional user of plant protection products and training or examination of applicants
        - Advices on the provisions of cross complication
        - Receiving applications for the production of local certified seedpotato and applications for issues related to various Sections of the Department of Agriculture
        - Undertaking relevant accounting and cash desk works
        - Control for Agriculture Plan of EAC
        - Carrying out work assigned by other Governmental Services and Semi-governmental Organizations
        For the better service of farmers the District Agricultural Office of Larnaca collaborates with other Departments/Services, the Agricultural Organizations, Local Authorities, Producer Organizations and other organized groups of our District.

        Communication Details
        The District Agricultural Office of Larnaca is located at Charilaou Trikoupi 2, (near the roundabout of Kalou Choriou Larnaca), at the ground floor of the building where the Water Development Department is also located.
        Address: Charilaou Trikoupi 2
        7100 Aradippou
        T.Θ. 45804
        6535 Larnaca
        Telephone: 24202840
        Fax: 24202867

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