Republic of Cyprus
Department of Agriculture

District Agricultural Office Famagusta

Activities of the Famagusta Agricultural District Office's

Famagusta’s Agricultural District Office original location is the occupied by Turkish forces city of
Famagusta, therefore the Office is temporarily located in Paralimni. The Office covers the needs of farmers involved in the agricultural sector of all areas of the district of Famagusta which are currently free from Turkish occupation. These include the municipalities of Paralimni, Dherynia, Ayia Napa, Sotira and the Communities of Phrenaros, Avgorou, Achnas and Acheritou. The office is located at 71 Sotiras Street, 5286 Paralimni.
Services provided by the Agricultural District Office of Famagusta

1. Guidance and training of farmers on individual level, as well as using organized informative meetings, educational programs on a systematic basis, printed material or through media on issues relating to:
    · Cultivation practices
    · Implementing new production techniques
    · Improving the productivity and competitiveness of agricultural holdings
    · Implementing measures to protect and improve the environment
    · Prospects of the agricultural sector and restructuring of crops
    · Improving the quality and safety of agricultural products
    · Water use and crop nutrition
    · Animal husbandry/nutrition
    2. Advising on rural matters, relating to:
      · The promotion of state development projects in agriculture
      · The Rural Development Program
      · Legislation resulting from the application of the acquis communautaire
      · Cross Compliance (Update, implementation and enforcement)
      · Possibilities and prospects for investments on primary production or in agricultural products processing
      3. Crop protection and Beekeeping
        4. Soil and Water Use
          · Promoting the use of improved irrigation systems and supervising their installation and operation
          · Crop nutrition
          · Irrigation plans
          · Hydroponic systems
          5. Control Program for the Nitrate Vulnerable Zones (NVZs)
            6. Implementation and Control of state aid Plans in the sector of agriculture-stemming from European Regulations
              · Rural Development Program
              · Agricultural Policy of the Electricity Authority of Cyprus
            7. Monitoring of population and control of rodents
              8. Control and monitoring of insect populations
                9. Annual surveys for crop and livestock sectors/continuous register update
                  10. Supervision of operation and management of livestock areas
                    11. Fulfilling work assigned by other government departments or semi-governmental Organizations
                      12. Cooperation with Agricultural Organizations, Local Authorities, Producer Organizations and other organized groups for the farmers benefit
                        13. Certified of Cereal Seed
                          14. Network for the collection of accountancy data of incomes and business operation of agriculture holdings
                            15. Risk Management Sector Issues
                              Receipt of crop and damage application forms.Recordings and estimates of damage to crops and agriculture buildings from extreme weather condition and fire

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