Republic of Cyprus
Department of Agriculture

District Agricultural Office Pafos

Activities of the Pafos Agricultural District Office's

Paphos District Agricultural Office is located at the New Government Buildings at the second and third floor of building E, opposite Paphos court at Neofytou Nikolaidi Street.
There is also an Regional Agricultural Office in Poli Chrysochous for better serve of rural world.

Activities and services offered by Paphos District Agricultural Office:
1. Farmers' guidance, information and training, either individually through local visits or collectively, through organized enlightening concentrations and media such as radio, magazines and youtube, in issues relating to:
· Cultivation practices
· Implementation of new production methods
· Improving farms sustainability
· Implementation of environmental protection measures
· Production quality and safe agricultural products for consumers.
2. Update rural world on issues relating to various development projects in agriculture and livestock:
· Rural Development Programme 2014 - 2020
· Legislation arising from implementation of acquis Community.
3. Rodents control, monitoring and periodic fighting.
4. Insect Control and monitoring populations
5. Plant production and livestock sectors overviews.
6. Supervision of operation and management of farming areas
7. Supervision and guidance of Associations Vines Protection.
8. Processing Work outsourced by other Government Services
or semi-governmental organizations.
9. Cooperation with Agricultural Organisations, Local Authorities, Organizations / Producers Groups or organized groups as part of the service
10. Damage estimates from fire.
11. Issue a Professional Certificate to users of plant protection products.
12. Subjects Viticulture / Enology: planting, grubbing, vineyard restructuring, grape harvest, wine stock declarations etc.

Also in Paphos District Agricultural Office operates Agricultural Training Centre, which is housed in Yeroskipou where conducted trainings for farmers by officers of Agriculture Department and by guest professors of various universities.

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