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Activities of the Pitsilia Agricultural District Office's

The Pitsillia region is part of the Troodos mountain range and it is located to the east of Mt. Olympus, in-between four forests. The soil of the area, comes from the eroded rocks of the Troodos ophiolite, mostly diabase and gabbro. The soil is shallow, rocky, eroded and steep. The main characteristic of the Pitsilia region are the steep mountain slopes, which enclose traditional and picturesque villages. Well renowned are the mountaintops of Papoutsa and Madari, two of the highest peaks of Cyprus.

The inhabitants of the area are engaged with the cultivation of deciduous trees, nut trees, wine and table grapes, vegetables, aromatic plants, olives and citrus.

The Pitsilia district Agricultural Office is located in the village of Agros and covers 42 villages from three administrative districts:

Nineteen of the Nicosia district: Ayia Marina Xyliatou, Xyliatos, Agios Georgios Kafkalou, Lagoudera, Saranti, Polystipos, Livadia, Alithinou, Platanistasa, Alona, Fterigoudi, Askas Palechori(O), Palechori (M), Apliki, Pharmakas, Kampi, Gouri, Fikardou, Lazania.

Twenty-one of the Limassol district: Kyperounta, Chandria, Agros, Agridia, Amiantos, Pelendri, Potamitissa, Dymes, Ayios Ioannis, Ayios Theodoros, Kato Milos, Zoopige, Kalo Chorio, Ayios Pavlos, Ayios Constantinos, Sikopetra, Arakapas, Dierona, Eptagonia, Louvaras, Akapnou.

Two of the Larnaka district: Melini, Odou.
It is divided in three agricultural regions.
1. Kyperounta
2. Agros - Eptagonia
3. Palechori.

The Pitsilia Agricultural District Office offers the following services:

1. Guidance and training of farmers, with personal contact, educational gatherings, systematic educational programs with printed material, or through the media, in issues concerning:
·Agricultural practices
·Implementation of new production methods.
·The improvement of productivity and competitiveness of farms
·Provision of guidance to farmers for the production of good quality products, safe for humans and the environment.
·Restructuring of crops.
·The production of quality and safe agricultural products.

2. Information to the rural world in issues concerning:
·The promotion of government development plans in the section of agriculture and livestock farming.
·The Agricultural Development Plan 2007-2013.
·The Legislation resulting from the implementation of the community acquis.
·The opportunities and prospects of activation in the primary production section and on the processing of farming products.

3. The implementation and inspection of governmental aid plans in the agriculture section based on the community Legislation.

4. Inspection, monitoring and seasonal control of rodents (rats).

5. Inspection and monitoring of insect population.

6. Conducting surveys of the vegetative production and the livestock branch.

7. Supervision, of the operation and the management of livestock areas.

8. Regulatory work with other government agencies, or semi governmental organizations.

9. Cooperation of Agricultural Associations, local authorities, producers groups/organizations or organized groups in connection to services for farmers.

10. Damage assessment to crops according to the Revised National Frame, providing compensation aid for damages in the agricultural sector.

Also, at the Pitsilia agricultural office operates the Agricultural Training Center, where farmers participate in various training sessions that are interested in. The agricultural training center can offer accommodation and board for 22 persons. The lecture room and the rest areas are certified by the Principle of Human Resource Development as a Vocational Training Structure.

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