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Managing Authority of Rural Development Plan

Activities of the Managing Authority of the Rural Development Plan

    The Managing Authority of the Rural Development Plan (MARDP) constitutes an institutional body that is foreseen from the Acquis Communittaire as an integral part of the programming of the Rural Development Plan and it is responsible for the effectiveness and the regularity of the management and the implementation of the Plan. The establishment of the Managing Authority of the Rural Development Plan arises from the Regulation 1698/05 and more specifically from the Article 75.

    Basic Responsibilities of the Managing Authority
    The basic responsibilities of the Managing Authority for the Rural Development Plan (MARDP) are the following:
    Ensuring the regularity and compatibility to the National and Community Policies of the actions that are financed from the RDP. The MARDP has the responsibility to intervene when there is a divergence from the spirit of the policy that has been agreed with the European Commission and has been incorporated in the Rural Development Plan Programming Document. Where a clarification on the interpretation of the relating terms is required, the MARDP after consultation with the European Commission decides accordingly.
    Establishment of the mechanism for collection of reliable economic and statistical data regarding the implementation, the monitoring indicators and the evaluation of the RDP.
    Drafting and submitting to the European Commission proposals for change/differentiation/completion/clarification of certain provisions of the RDP.
    Drafting and submitting to the European Union Commission the annual implementation reports and the final report, after the RDP΄s Monitoring Committee’s approval.
    Submission to the European Union Commission of all the standardised files that are required by the Acquis Communittaire and do not concern financial responsibilities and obligations of the Payments Authority.
    Maintaining the obligations regarding the communication and the publicity. In this framework the Managing Authority:
    Collaborates with the Authorities that are responsible for the implementation of the measures
    Observes the sound up-keeping of the obligations of the Implementing Authorities regarding the communication and the publicity of the projects realised.
    Organising the annual management meeting with the European Commission and monitoring the implementation of their justified suggestions.
    Providing secretarial support to the meetings of the Monitoring Committee of the RDP.
    It is stressed that certain responsibilities of the Managing Authority can be ceded with written consent to other Managing Services. In each case the responsibility against European Union Commission remains with the Managing Authority of the RDP

    Internal Structure and Operating Method of the Managing Authority
    Under normal conditions, the MARDP employs three separate Units for the Programming, Monitoring and Evaluation and a Control Unit for the RDP. Nevertheless, because the small size of the country and the lack of personnel in the Department of Agriculture, which has undertaken the responsibility for managing the RDP, it is not possible, at this stage, to create similar Units. Currently, only a Secretariat-MARDP has been created and the following arrangements are in place:
    1. All the Specialised Section of the Department of Agriculture, excluding the Authorisation of Payments Sector, act collectively as the Programming Unit for the RDP for the relevant measures that come under each section, in collaboration with the Secretariat-MARDP and under the co-ordination of the Management Team of the Department.
    2. The Secretariat-MARDP is working on its own initiative or via the submission and approval of its relevant proposals by the Management for the implementation of its duties that arise from its basic responsibilities.

    For further information please contact the Head of the Secretariat of the Rural Development Programme Dr Artemis Antoniades on telephone number 22408516
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