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Republic of Cyprus

Freshwater Aquaculture

The freshwater aquaculture in Cyprus is characterized by small-scale fish farms, with smaller growth potential when compared to marine aquaculture. The major limiting factor for FW aquaculture in Cyprus is the freshwater availability. The fish farms are mainly focused on the fattening of freshwater fish species and specifically rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) and sturgeon (Asipenser baeri).

There are eight (8) FW aquaculture farms, all located on Troodos mountains. Their facilities are mainly constituted of concrete tanks with their water intake coming from neighboring springs and rivers. Some of these farms operate as fish hatcheries as well. The total annual production in 2018 was 43,8 tons of trout, 2,8 tons sturgeon and 165.650 fingerlings totaling approximately € 0,37 million.

Trout and sturgeon farms employ a small number of individuals with overall technical knowledge and are usually run as small family businesses. Two of the seven trout farms operate in conjunction with adjacent restaurants. Trout farming creates employment opportunities in the mountainous and rural areas.

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