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The Sector of Aquaculture in Cyprus constitutes an important component of the primary agricultural production, showing impressive growth rates and a high quality export product. It is worth mentioning that the global aquaculture is the fastest growing food production sector, with an average growth rate of 6-8% annually. Government policies applied in the sector of aquaculture are driven by sustainable development, protection of the marine environment as well as emphasizing on quality and safety of aquaculture products.

Aquaculture in Cyprus is an important economical activity which is based on the application of advanced biotechnology. It contributes significantly to the production of fishery products, reduces fishing deficit and thereby reduces the negative trade balance, creates job placements and occupies employees with specialized scientific background. Also, it provides an affordable in terms of price and highly nutritional product.

Overview - Cyprus Aquaculture
Marine Aquaculture
Freshwater Aquaculture
Production of Cypriot Aquaculture Products
Employment in the Aquaculture Sector
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Use of Alien and Locally Absent Species in Aquaculture
Multiannual National Strategic Aquaculture Plan 2014-2020 (Available only in Greek)

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Sustainable environment and protection for wildlife