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Waste from Excavation, Construction and Demolition (W.E.C.D.)

In accordance with the Waste Law, L.185(I)/2011, and its respective amendments, any holder of waste from Excavation, Construction and Demolition (W.E.C.D.), must deliver the waste to a licensed operator for collection, transport, recovery or disposal, or the same holder must ensure the above administrative processes in the manner specified in the Waste Management Permits granted by the Competent Authority after consultation with the Advisory Committee on Waste Management (S.E.D.A.), under the provisions of article 25 of the Law, as amended.

In accordance with Regulation 5, of the W.E.C.D. Management Regulations (R.A.A.159/2011), the project owner [unless he has transferred under contract to the operator of Management of Waste from Excavation, Construction and Demolition (W.E.C.D.) the possession of the produced WECD, as well as the responsibility that derives from the provisions of Regulation 5 (Regulation 6)] is fully responsible for the management of the produced WECD and therefore, needs to perform the following before the start of any project:

(a) to prepare an Integrated WECD Management Plan, for which he is fully responsible to see its implementation;

(b) to submit to the Competent Authority, with the exception of public bodies, before the beginning of the project, a bank guarantee to ensure the fulfilment of his obligations based on the Integrated WECD Management Plan, the amount of which is specified in Annex I. The bank guarantee has the same period of validity as the project execution timetable and is refunded to the owner only after the expiry date of the authorization and when confirmed by the Competent Authority that he has met all conditions of the Management Plan.

For the fulfillment of the obligations of paragraph (1) the WECD producer is obliged to:

· maintain and operate a Licensed Individual Management System for WECD or

· participate in a Licensed Collective Management System for WECD, which is issued under the R.A.A. 159/2011 regulations and any amendments thereto.

The Competent Authority for the implementation of the W.E.C.D. legislation was the Ministry of Interior until 5 February 2016, when the Waste Law 3(I)/2016 entered into force. After assuming the responsibilities of the WECD, the Ministry of Agriculture Rural Development and Environment is now the licensing and monitoring authority for implementing the Law and achieving the WECD recycling targets.

Accoring to the Waste (Amending) Law 3(Ι)/2016 permit granting or renewal for operators for waste collection, transport and disposal and permit granting or renewal for the operation of Establishments of processing/recycling of Waste from Excavation, Construction and Demolition (W.E.C.D.) as well as licensing collective or individual WECD management systems shall be done by the Department of Environment of the Ministry of of Agriculture, Rural Development and Environment.

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