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The European Eco-label is a voluntary tool that identifies products and services that are environmentally friendly. It was established in 1992 and is awarded to products and services with the best performances, based on environmental criteria throughout their life cycle.

It is a label in which consumers can really have confidence, since its award criteria have been agreed at European level, after wide consultation with experts. EUEcolabel is awarded only if it is ascertained that the product meets the high environmental standards and performance.

The voluntary nature of the system means that it does not create barriers to trade. On the contrary, many producers find that by ensuring the EU Ecolabel, they have competitive advantages.

The criteria for the award of the European eco-label are not based on a single factor, but on studies that analyse the impact of the product or service on the environment throughout its life cycle, starting from the raw material extraction at pre-production stage, through production, distribution and marketing.

Nowadays, the EU Ecolabel covers a wide range of products and services, with further groups being added continuously. The product groups include cleaning products, household appliances, paper products, textiles, home and garden products, lubricants and services such as tourist accommodation. Within the framework of informing consumers about what products / services have obtained the Ecolabel, the European Commission maintains a webpage listing all relevant information.

Cyprus Legislation was aligned with Regulation (EC) No 66/2010 by Law 184(I)/2012.

In accordance with the legislation, the EU Ecolabel Award Advisory Committee (SEAOS) is established.

The SEAOS consists of:

    · The Director of the Department of Environment or his/her representative (chairman)

    · The Ministry of Energy, Commerce, Industry and Tourism,

    · The State General Laboratory,

    · The Department of Labour Inspection,

    · The University of Cyprus,

    · The Cyprus Consumer Association,

    · The Cyprus Federation of Environmental and Ecological Organizations,

    · The Cyprus Employers and Industrialists Federation and

    · The Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Application for the award of the EU Ecolabel, may be submitted by the producer, importer, service provider or people dealing with retail management or marketing a product to the Director of the Department of Environment. By following the procedure set forth by the Law, the Committee recommends to the Minister, through the Director of the Department of Environment, the award of the EU Ecolabel to a product or service.

Insofar, 5 cleaning products, two types of paints/varnishes and one hotel unit have been awarded with the EU Ecolabel in Cyprus. At the same time, the Department of Environment maintains a list with the products that are available in the Cyprus market and have been awarded with the EU “Flower” in another Member-State, as well as products/services awarded with other recognized national eco labels. A corresponding list of products available in each Member State and bearing the EU Ecolabel, can also be found at: Companies whose products are not listed on this list are invited to inform the Department of Environment.

The Department of Environment, in its effort to contribute to the promotion of the use of the EU Ecolabel in Cyprus, has organized various Seminars and has also organized the Ecolabel Week which first took place from 29/11/2014 to 5/12/2014 in all free cities of Cyprus. (click here).

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