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      Α: LIFE+ Projects
      1. PLANT-NET CY:
      Through this project a Network of Plant Micro-Reserves was created in Cyprus, to improve the conservation of the following species and habitat types: Arabis kennedyae, Astragalus macrocarpus, Centaurea akamantis, Ophrys kotschyi, Cedrus brevifolia forests and scrub and low forest vegetation of Quercus alnifolia. It had a budget of €1.550.297 and ran from 01/01/2010 until 01/07/2013. Actions included the application, observation, protection and management of a network of five plant micro-reserves and the collection and storage of seeds from the plants studied, to be used for ex-situ conservation.
      Project webpage:

      2. ICOSTACY:
      The project involved the improvement of the conservation status of 24 threatened wild fauna species in Cyprus (19 bat, 3 reptile and 2 insect species). It had a budget of €1.241.007 and ran from 01/10/2010 until 31/03/2014. The actions completed included in-situ conservation, creation and maintenance of micro-habitats, planting of fruit trees, invasive species control, genetic analysis and ex-situ conservation.
      Project webpage:

      3. LIFE OROKLINI Project:
      The aim of this project was to improve the ecological condition and stability of Oroklini Lake and manage the different threats that affected it as a habitat for wild birds, designated under the 2009/147/EC Directive. It had a budget of €797.070 and ran from 01/01/2012 until 01/01/2015. It involved actions for its protection and for public awareness, as well as monitoring.
      Project webpage:

      4. JUNIPERCY:
      This project aimed at “Improving the conservation status the priority habitat type 9560* (Endemic forests with Juniperus spp.) in Cyprus”. It had a budget of €1.183.922 and ran from 01/01/2012 until 30/06/2015. It focused on the conservation of the 9560* habitat type and included its mapping and description as well as the validation of its condition. Project webpage:

      5. RIZOELIA:
      The aim of this project was the improvement of the conservation status of two types of habitats, “*5220 - Shrubs with Ziziphus” and “*1520 - Gypsophiletalia”, found in the Rizoelia National Forest Park. It had a budget of €766.746 and ran from 01/09/2014 until 28/02/2017. It involved mapping boundaries for the *1520 habitat type to control its competition with Acacia saligna, Pinus pinea and Eucalyptus spp., as well as the study of these habitat types.
      Project webpage:
      6. LIFE - FORBIRDS:
    This project was coordinated by the Department of Forests and focused on three Natura 2000 sites: Cape Greko, Koshi - Pallourokambos and Stavrovouni- Panagia Stazousa River. It had a budget of €978.718 and ran from 01/10/2014 until 31/12/2017. The main aims of the project were: a) the implementation of conservation measures which would improve ecological conditions for 11 species of birds listed in Annex I of the Birds Directive in the areas mentioned, b) the education of the public about the need to protect birds and c) the adoption of a holistic approach to the management of forest ecosystems, which include birds.
      B. Greece-Cyprus Bilateral Cooperation Programs 2007-2013

      1. i4WALKer:
      This project involved the cooperation between the Department of Forests, the regional community of Lasithi (Crete) and the regional community of Chios, Greece. The project’s main objective was the enrichment of tourism infrastructure and services and the reorganisation of the system for the management and promotion of nature trails in forested areas. Its budget was €740.000 and it ran from 13/05/2011 until 13/05/2013.

      2. GEO.TOPI.A
      This project involved the cooperation between two mountainous areas of Crete and Cyprus, Mount Zakrou and Mount Troodos, with the following aims: a) the protection of unique geotopes b) making visible their values for the benefit of local communities under the principles of sustainable development. Within the framework of the project, the Troodos Geopark was created. The project’s budget was €1.032.000 and ran from 10/05/2011 until 01/05/2013.
        3. GYPAS:
        The GYPAS project involved actions to enrich the greatly reduced population of the Vulture in Cyprus, with birds from Crete, to help the population increase. It had a budget of €710.988 and ran from 01/09/2011 until 31/01/2014. Within the framework of the project, shelters were built in Cyprus, starting with an enclosure in Limnatis and expanding the enclosure in Saint Giannis (Pafos) as well as the building of two new feeding restaurants for the Vultures. A new centre for the Vultures was built in Crete to house them and prepare them to be released back in the wild.
    Project webpage:

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