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Viewpoints - Lookouts


Mountain trails and journeying through the forests of Cyprus in general, provides the traveler with a chance to admire and enjoy the magnificent views over the landscape. Considering the view as a key leisure element and also realizing the demand for this recreational activity, the Department of Forests has selected several sites which have been designated as viewpoints. These have been developed accordingly (with gazebos, chairs, informational material, parking lots, etc.) to ensure a comfortable and safe stay in this allocated space and provide a pleasant experience for the traveler.

Viewpoints have been created either along main and forest roads or along nature trails, providing unique visual attractions for moments of rest and relaxation. In areas where diversity of bird species can be found, observatories have been created which are designed to provide visitors with the opportunity to birdwatch.

The map with the exact locations (coordinates) of these viewpoints and the Forestry Department observatories are expected to be posted on the website at a later stage.

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