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Cyprus’s forests are part of the islands’ invaluable natural heritage, which was passed down from our ancestors, to be delivered to our children and the future generations. Forest recreation today is a key element of the multifunctional role that forests play and offers particular benefits to modern humans. The Forestry Department installed the suitable infrastructure with the aim to develop recreation in State Forests, and encourages the public to use it properly, respectfully and without degrading the forest.

    · Be informed of the provisions of the Forest Law and always act legally while entering and staying within State Forests.
    · There is high risk of forest fires in most areas. It is emphasized that lighting a fire is prohibited anywhere within 2km from the delimitation line of State Forests as well as within their boundaries.
    · If you notice smoke or fire contact the Forestry Department immediately (tel. 1407, toll free).
    · Check the weather forecast and be appropriately prepared as most forest areas are characterized by distinct and severe weather patterns such as high winds, thunderstorms and lightning.
    · Do not pollute the environment and take any rubbish with you if there are no available bins.
    · For any information, complaints, suggestions and assistance please contact the local forestry station, the Forestry Regions or the headquarters of the Department by phone: 22805511 or 22805527.

      · Respect the tranquillity of the site without making any unnecessary noise. The forest is home to hundreds of organisms as well as other visitors who require rest and tranquillity.
      · Plants cutting, rock detachment and fauna harassment degrades our forest ecosystems and is prohibited by the Forest Law.
      · In case of danger, the use of wireless communication can be a lifeline. Inform someone you know about starting the trail and your expected time of completing it.
      · Stay within the specified paths. Walking out of the path can expose you to high risk of rock slides, slipping or falling. Always wear appropriate footwear.
      · Make sure you know the route, the degree of difficulty of the trail and the available facilities in advance. All information is posted on the website of the Department and the National Open Data Portal.
      · Always carry necessary equipment (map, mobile phone, water, hat, raincoat, appropriate footwear, etc.).
      · Avoid smoking or eating when you walk on Nature Trails.
      · It is prohibited to ride bicycles or motorcycles on all Nature Trails, except in special cases where bicycle races are conducted with the approval and supervision of the Department.

      · All picnic sites provide the necessary facilities (tables, benches, dining and cooking facilities, toilets etc.) and the public is invited to use them, provided they do so with respect.
      · Cooking is only allowed in areas specifically designated for barbecues. In some picnic sites, such as those of Asinou and Athalassa, it is not allowed to light a fire.
      · Before leaving the area, make sure that the charcoal that has been used is extinguished completely, even if you have left it in purpose-built spaces.
      · The use of wood found in the forest for lighting fires and preparing food is prohibited. Each visitor must have the necessary amount of charcoal with them.
      · The area must be kept clean. Please collect all rubbish and place it in the bins provided. If, for any reason, the bins are full, then take your rubbish with you.
      · Have fun in a way that preserves the right for other visitors to enjoy the space!
      · Park your car in the designated parking lots, not in the picnic areas.
      · Use water sparingly.
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