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Century Old Trees: nature’s monuments

Age-old trees are considered "Monuments of Nature". Such trees have managed to survive over the centuries, their existence running alongside many important historical events. Taking this into account, and the respect that dozens of generations before us have shown them, we have an obligation to protect and preserve these trees as elements of our natural and cultural heritage.

The choice of specific trees to be declared as "Monuments of Nature" is based on specific criteria such as age, size, species and also whether it is of particular interest from a scientific, historical, cultural, ecological, religious or other point of view. Once selected, these trees are declared as "Monuments of Nature" and are maintained within the framework of the implementation of the program for the conservation and protection of ancient trees by the Department of Forests.

Perennials located within forest land are protected by the Forest Law, while those outside state forests are declared protected by the Department of Town Planning and Housing, based on Article 39 of the Town and Country Planning Law, in collaboration with the Department of Forests. By the end of 2015, 98 individual trees and 23 tree groups outside state forest have been declared protected, while 67 individual trees and 2 tree groups have been declared within state forests.

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