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EU Timber trade/Action Plan

Trade of wood and wood products (including firewood)

Due to increasing demand of timber and timber products worldwide, combined with shortages in institutional and governance in the forest sector in timber-producing countries, illegal logging and the associated trade concern internationally. Illegal logging, wood collection in violation of our country's laws and regulations, has dire economic, environmental and social impacts on our forests and the communities that rely on them. Ipacts such as loss of revenue and efforts to undermine legitimate business, deforestation, climate change and biodiversity loss.

The European Union (EU), which imports large quantities of timber from areas where illegal logging is rampant (Amazon Basin, Central Africa, Southeast Asia, etc.), In response to concerns about the effects of the phenomenon, adopted in 2003 the FLEGT Action Plan , which defines a series of measures available to the EU and Member States (MS) to address the problem.

One of the most important measures is the establishment of a FLEGT licensing scheme to accompany shipments of timber from third countries which will conclude bilateral voluntary agreements with the EU. These permits will certify that the timber has been harvested legally in accordance with the relevant national legislation of the producing country.

In 2005, the European Council adopted the Regulation 2173 which establishes the legal framework for timber imports into the EU from countries that conclude bilateral agreements.

The Republic of Cyprus has been harmonized with those regulations, having progressed to enactment of Law 125 (I) 2010 "on the Application of the FLEGT licensing scheme for timber imports into the EU." Based on this Law, the Forestry Department has been appointed as the Competent Authority for the control of FLEGT licenses for physical inspection of shipments and in close cooperation with the Customs Department, to implement the provisions of Regulations (EC) 2173/2005 and National Legislation.

Basis of the same law, timber and timber products importers listed in the Annex of Regulation (EC) 2173/2005 and from countries which have bilateral voluntary agreements with the EU should provide the relevant FLEGT license and to show the relative timber and timber products in the Forestry Department for review. This will be done before the customs clearance of timber.

The EU, due to the delay for full implementation of the FLEGT licensing scheme adopted Regulation (EU) 995/2010 laying down the obligations of operators who place timber and timber products on the market, known as the Timber Regulation (EUTR - Regulation (EU) No. 995/2010). This regulation is intended to control the timber trade and timber products, or imported from other MS and third countries, either produced domestically, so as to avoid placing illegal timber on the market.

The Forestry Department for harmonization with EU regulations, prepared a harmonizing bill on November 14, 2013, which passed by the House of Representatives on Law. This is the 139 (I) / 2013 - The Law on the Control of Trade Timber and Timber Products Act of 2013. This law specifies that the Forestry Department as the competent authority requires importers and timber merchants and wood products, as well as by firewood dealers to provide annual trading license from the Department of Forestry and keep books and accounts. For the issuing and renewal of the licenses must be completed and sent to the Department of Forests, where appropriate, forms T.D.225, T.D.227, T.D.233 and T.D.234

Based on the above Law, any person who sells such products without authorization, shall be guilty of an offense and on conviction is subject to imprisonment not exceeding one (1) year or a fine not exceeding (5,000) five thousand euro or to both such penalties. Also any person or company puts on the market illegally harvested timber or timber products commits a criminal offense punishable with imprisonment not exceeding two years or with fine of up to € 40,000.

The Law also provides that the transport of firewood from dealer or private person shall be accompanied by a transport license or waybill. Clarified that the firewood including fruit trees. Also for the felling of forest trees and shrubs, and harvesting license required under the Forest Law of 2012 (Law 25 (I) of 2012).

Based on this Law, each and every one use and burning firewood has obligations. In particular, all those who hold in their premises firewood has the obligation to possess such evidence of their legitimacy. Failure to maintain such information is punishable by extrajudicial fine amounting up to € 1000. For this the firewood buyers should require firewood dealers to issue a receipt for the sale of the wood.

The responsible sector for the Department of Forests for the implementation of Law 139 (I) / 2013 and 125 (I) / 2010 and the European Union Regulations with ar.995 / 2010, 607/2012, 363/2012, 2173/2005 and 1024/2008 is Ylochristikis Sector. Industry work assisted by Inspectors FLEGT and Trafficking Control Inspectors Timber and Timber Products.

For information, the public and other licensees merchants must apply to the website of the Department or by phone 22805580 and 22805583.

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