Organizational Structure

Based on all the activities, the Geological Survey Department is structured administratively in the following sections:

1. Geological Mapping and Marine Geology Section (including geophysical surveys)

2. Hydrogeology and Drilling Section (including warehouses / drilling facilities)

3. Engineering Geology & Geohazard Section

4. Seismology Section (including ΙΤ & GIS)

5. Economic Geology Section

These sections are supported, depending on their work, by drilling rigs (percussion, rotary and core / auger), a chemical laboratory for water and soil analyses, a geotechnical laboratory, a water pumping crew, drafting services, a library and a central Geographical Information System. The work of the department is also assisted by the registry, the secretariat and the accounts office.

The structure of the department is shown in the following chart.

Download file type JPG organog_en.jpg

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