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Republic of Cyprus
Preparatory Actions

Action A4: Support to future prospect assessment with climate change scenario analysis for targeted species.

This action comprises the following steps:
1. Construction of habitat suitability maps and conducting of landscape analysis for each of the targeted species across Cyprus (20 maps).
2. Identification of gaps and discontinuities on the data according to the statistical needs of the available methodologies proposed by recent literature.
3. Carrying out landscape analysis, by defining landscape elements such as corridors or stepping stones, patches and/ or matrix for each species, as appropriate.
4. Use of available existing (free of charge) models developed predicting scenarios of the impact of climate change to indicate future changes of habitat and locate the imposed threats for the species.
The proposed study and its products will be formulated in order to make the most efficient use of available data concerning nature conservation and to incorporate recent advances in theoretical research and analytical tools into management practice.


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