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Results of the project

The implementation of the project ICOSTACY is conducted normally, according to the approved timetable.

Specifically, the preparatory actions have been completed on time and concern:
a) The assessment of conservation status of the targeted fauna species
b) Technical studies for the small scale works (production of four technical studies for action C1.1-construction of weir and ponds, action C2 restoration and creation of buildings and galleries for bats, action C4 creation and enhancement of safe road passages)
c) Environmental impact assessments for the above constructions
d) Assessment of the future prospect of the targeted species through climate change scenarios.

Most of the conservation actions (actions C) have also been completed, according to the updated timetable. Analytically:
1) Action C1 has been partially completed with the weir construction in the area Alykos potamos-Agios Sozomenos. The small ponds for the fresh water turtle, as well as the pond for the grass-snake have been completed in November 2013.
2) Action C2 has been completed with the restoration of 13 old buildings and 5 mine galleries and the installation of bat boxes which are all used as refugees for the bat species.
3) Action C3 has been successfully completed, by producing rock piles and dry walls used by reptiles and other species as a hideout. Due to their valuable usage by the species, more rock piles and drywalls have been constructed, by the end of November 2013.
4) Action C4 has been completed with the construction of three safe road passages for the reptile species (Ethniko Dasiko Parko Troodous area and Alykos potamos-Agios Sozomenos area).
5) Action C5 has been completed since summer 2012 and it concerns planting of fruit bearing trees for the fruit bat.
6) Action C6 has been completed with the creation of four small ponds for the tiger moth, the grouping and signposting of old trees for Propomacrus cypriacus and four plantings for the species Propomacrus cypriacus.
7) Action C7 is related with the control of alien/invasive species which threat the endemic species and is still in progress.
8) Finally, action C8 (conservation genetics and ex-situ conservation) is also in progress, until the end of the project.

Most of the dissemination actions (actions D) are still in progress. Media work (action D1) is in progress and the production of a documentary, tv/radio spots (action D2) is expected to be completed soon. The production of the illustrated booklet in the context of the above action is expected to be offered to regional authorities, school libraries and other groups of actors by January 2014. Notice boards have been placed in the project’s areas and interpretation signs have been produced and placed to the selected areas (Actions D6 and D3, respectively).
The portable educational kit has been completed and it is distributed to the schools for its implementation.
Seminars and workshop are in progress (action D5) and actions E which concern the management and monitoring of the project are proceeding regularly.

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