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Republic of Cyprus
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    Limni Paralimniou is a natural depression situated on an extended flat, elevated area; it is a shallow, brackish, seasonal wetland which is flooded during the winter months and dries-up during the summer months, except for few small ponds (mapped as water body) to the south and west edges of the marsh which can hold water for a longer period. The site covers an area of 272,56 ha and is located to the southeast part of the island; the east part of the site is bordered by Pralimni town and the southwest part by Sotira village, while a considerable part to the west of the site consists of cultivations; also, the site extends eastwards, along a narrow stream towards Paralimni. Geology: The bedrock of Paralimni Lake consists of Bentonitic clays, which are occasionally mixed with Mamonia lithologies, forming Moni mιlange. Bentonitic clays are covered by a thin layer of recent lake deposits, consisting of loose sandy clayey and silts/silty clays. The surroundings of the lake are composed of alternating layers of chalks, marly chalks and chert (Lefkara Formation), which cover the Bentonitic clays around the lake. The greatest part of the lake (c 85%) consists of halophilous and halo-nitrophilous pioneer therophytic communities (1310); they are characterised by Hordeum marinum, Salicornia europaea, Halopeplis amplexicaulis, Parapholis incurva, Crypsis aculeata, Spergularia marina, Mesembryanthemum nodiflorum and Cressa cretica. Thermo-Mediterranean riparian galleries dominated by Tamarix tetragyna, are generally confined along the periphery of the lake.

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