Responsibilities and Functions

The Department of Meteorology is a Government Department under the Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development and Environment, having all the normal responsibilities of a national Department of Meteorology. The main fields of activity and the principal functions of the Department are the following:
- Operation of a network of meteorological stations for the collection of data required for application purposes.
- Issue of regular weather of forecasts and dissemination of these forecasts to the general public through the mass information media.
- Provision of meteorological services, weather forecasts, warnings and other information, for the needs of civil aviation.
- Issue of weather forecasts and warnings for shipping and other marine activities in the sea area around Cyprus.
- Processing, classification and publication of meteorological data.
- Publication of reports on weather and climate and supply of meteorological information and consultative services for the needs of the Cyprus community and in particular for applications to agriculture, conservation and management of water resources, engineering studies and constructions, tourism and industry, renewable energy sources, environmental studies.

For more information please contact:

Department of Meteorology
CY - 1418 Nicosia

Fax No.: 00 357 223055000
E-mail :

Teleinformation for the public : 00 357 24817998
Climate Information Tel. No. : 00 357 22 802924, 22 802911, 22 802915
General Information Tel. No. : 00 357 22 802934
Aeronautical Information and Emergencies : 00 357 24 802977

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