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Κυπριακή ΔημοκρατίαΟδηγία Πλαίσιο 2000/60/ΕΚ Περί Υδάτων
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Water Framework Directive Information Centre

Water Framework Directive Public Library

Europa Website Water Framework Directive

Implementation Strategy Documents

Guidance Documents

Implementation documents of Member States

Other thematic information

Information material leaflets and brochures

SEPA΄s Water Framework Directive Website

Defra, UK - Water Framework Directive Website

Full text of the Water Framework Directive Greek

Decision No 2455/2001/EC amending WFD

WISE Newsletter

European Water Policy:


Water policy in the European Union

EU legislation

European Environment Agency

LIFE (The Financial Instrument for the Environment)

International River Conventions

Orda River

Danube River

Rhine River

European Water Support

Joint Research (JRC)

European Centre for Ecological Water Quality and Intercalibration (EEWAI)

Platform for information exchange. Information sheets on the integrated testing of guidelines in 15 Pilot Rivers Basins.

Pilot River Basins

Scheldt transboundary river basin (Belgium, France, The Netherlands)

Odense river basin (Denmark)

Oulujoki river basin (Finland)

Neisse transboundary river basin (Germany, Poland, and Czech Republic)

Marne river basin (France)

Pinios river basin (Greece)

Shannon river basin (Ireland)

Ribble river basin (UK)

Cecina and Tevere river basin (Italy)

Sulda Isvassdraget river basin (Norway)


5th Framework Programme: "Sustainable Management and Quality of Water"

5th Framework Programme

6th Framework Programme

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