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Hide details for [<span class="simpleset5">&nbsp;2024</span>] 2024
Icon Union Product Database: Deadlines for the Submission of Annual Volume of Sales data for veterinary medicinal products
Hide details for [<span class="simpleset5">&nbsp;2023</span>] 2023
Icon Launch of #EUChooseSafeFood campaign from 16 May 2023 until October 2023
Hide details for [<span class="simpleset5">&nbsp;2016</span>] 2016
Icon Τhe new version of the eAF will be published on 14 June and will become mandatory for regulatory submissions on and after 1 July 2016. A training video for applicants on How to complete eAFs based on version 1.20, will also be made available on the eAF website prior to replacement of version 1.19 by the new version.
Hide details for [<span class="simpleset5">&nbsp;2012</span>] 2012
Icon Conference in Brussels with theme "Import & keeping of exotic animals in EU" 4-5 October 2012
Icon Fees Regulation Amendment 2012

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