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Payments Aythorization Unit

With the accession of our country to the European Family, the Department of Agriculture (DoA), as expected, in its effort to cope with its new, diversified and demanding role, has been restructured.

The Payments Authorization Unit of the Department of Agriculture (DoA) was established so as to perform all functions transferred to the Delegated Body by the Cyprus Agricultural Payments Organization (CAPO). Thus, according to the Delegation Agreement signed between the CAPO and the DoA, the Payments Authorization Unit carries out the procedures required for the implementation of the Measures of the Rural Development Programs (RDPs) and the Common Market Organizations (CMOs) which have been assigned by the CAPO to the DoA.

The Payments Authorization Unit reports directly to the Director of the Department of Agriculture and is currently is engaged in the implementation of the following Measures concerning:

I. Rural Development Program (RDP) 2014-2020

1. Sub measure 4.3.1-Land development planning for livestock-farming

2. Sub measure 4.3.2- Investments in water-related infrastructure

3. Sub measure 4.3.3-Application of innovative technologies in irrigation projects

4. Measure 14 - Animal welfare (Call of Proposals A, B and C)

5. Measure 16 - Cooperation

6. Measure 19- Support for local development through LEADER

II. Common Market Organizations (CMOs)

1. COM 3 - Aid to, recognized by the competent authority, Producer Organizations in the Fruits and Vegetables Sector, based on their Operational Programs

2. COM 8 - Apiculture Program

3. NSP in the Wine Sector - Measure 1b - Restructuring and Conversion of Vineyards

4. NSP in the Wine Sector - Measure 1c - Green Harvesting

Information concerning the above Measures is only available in the Greek version of the Website.