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Δρ Δώρα ΧειμωνίδουDear friends,

Welcome to the website of the Agricultural Research Institute.

The Agricultural Research Institute (ARI) was established in 1962, shortly after Cyprus gained its independence, as a cooperative project between the Government of Cyprus and the United Nations Development Programme Fund, with the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations acting as the executive agency. By the time it was entrusted to the Government of Cyprus in 1967, it had been firmly established as a research institution staffed predominantly by local scientists. ARI constitutes a Department of the Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development and Environment and it is the sole institute of the Government devoted to public agricultural research. The Institute undertakes research within the wider domain of plant and animal production by providing solutions to problems of the rural areas according to the Ministry’s priorities. In addition, it develops or adapts and evaluates under local conditions scientific findings and technology and recommends innovative procedures for enhancing the agricultural development with the objective of achieving a secure supply of safe, good quality products produced by methods financially, environmentally and socially sustainable.

The Institute is actively cooperating with the Department of Agriculture and with all the other departments of the Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development and Environment for comprehensive and integrated approach to problems, while at the same time it maintains close cooperation with academic and research institutions both in Cyprus and abroad to find innovative approaches and procedures.

The Institute conveys its research outcomes to stakeholders from the public and private sector, farmers, agricultural students and extension officers by using innovative communication tools and novel educational programs.

In our web site you can find information related to the running research activities of the Institute, as well as a plethora of publications and completed scientific papers aiming at the direct and more effective provision of information.

My colleagues and I, assure you that the Agricultural Research Institute will always be on the side of every Cypriot farmer as well as in the front line of the efforts made by the Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development and Environment for the upturn of the national economy through the agricultural activity.

Dora Chimonidou

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