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Cultivar Registration Centre

The center is focused in research and experimental activity with the necessary credentials for the registration of varieties in the National Catalogue. Varieties, to be allowed to be cultivated and trade within the territory of the Republic of Cyprus should be registered in the National Catalogue or the Common Catalogue of varieties. Registration of a new variety in the National Catalogue of Varieties must be submitted an official application to the Designate Authority (Department of Agriculture). Eligible for application is the improver or the legal conservator or the legal representative of variety, which is resident of the Republic of Cyprus and has been, registered so by the creator of variety or the conservator.

The minimal required conditions for the examination are:

DUS trials (Distinctness - Uniformity - Stability):

Distinctness: The new variety must be distinguishable from other varieties at least in a powerful character

Uniformity: The new variety must be uniform

Stability: Distinctness and uniformity must be stable and distinct
Trials have at least 2 years duration and observations are concentrated morphological, physiological and agronomical characteristics of variety according to the protocols of Community Plant Varieties Office (CPVO) and International Union for the Protection of New Plant Varieties (UPOV).

VCU Trials (Value for Cultivation and Use):
The VCU trials must be take place exclusively in the territory of the Republic of Cyprus within the premises of the Unit for Registration of Varieties and must have duration at least 2 years for all crops, except alfalfa, for which the duration of trials is extended to 3 years.

In the evaluation of tested varieties it is appraised:
1. The productivity of variety
2. The value of use (technological quality) of variety
3. The agronomic characters
4. The resistance to diseases

Final decision for the variety:
Results from the two or three year's experiments are collected in the file of variety. This file is submitted to The Technical Committee for Propagation Material and Seeds for final decision and registration or not of the variety in the National Catalogue.

Centre's Staff

Kyriacos Mina

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