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The experimental station of Achelia is the largest research station of ARI consisted of three main parts, the old station (1), the new station (2) and the Morokampos station (3) with a total area of 510 decares.

The station initiated its operations with the founding of ARI. Due to the expansion of ARI’s research activities the station was extended with the addition of the new station and the station at Morokampos. The old Achelia station primarily covers grain annual crops and aromatic plants experiments. It also retains three greenhouses. The new station’s experiments mainly focus on viticulture, citrus, truffles in olive groves and tropical-subtropical crops while it preserves a screen-house for the maintenance of basic citrus germplasm. In Morokampos there is a cultivated area of about 70 decares utilized for research activities related to cereals and other fresh crops.

The main station's experiments are summarized below:
  1. Genetic Improvement of black-eyed beans
  2. Investigating the impact of the incorporation of plant residues and sludge in cereal crops
  3. Genetic improvement of barley varieties
  4. Genetic improvement of Durum wheat varieties
  5. Evaluation of tablegrape varieties grafted onto American Rootstocks resistant to Daktulosphaira vitifoliae under different environmental conditions, Evaluation of tablegrape varieties under different environmental conditions, Collection and conservation ex situ of wine and tablegrape grape varieties
  6. Summer truffle cultivation on Koroneiki olive plants
  7. Groundnuts varieties Control
  8. Characterization and evaluation of germplasm of durum wheat under the Cyprus conditions
  9. Assessment of the impact of climate changes on water consuming crops relevant to the irrigation cost, with the use of remote sensin satellite

At Achelia Station a meteorological station is also installed for the collection of meteorological data. Recently the Satellite remote sensing laboratory has been established participating in various research projects. Other activities of the station concern the provision of educational seminars to students, producers and agronomists. Similarly, within the framework of the project «Sporaki» of the Ministry of Education, elementary students visit the station in order to get familiar with the procedures relating to the production of cereals such as seeding, fertilizing and harvesting.

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