Republic of Cyprus
Department of Fisheries and Marine Research

Fishing Shelters and Publicity

    The Department of Fisheries and Marine Research (DFMR) is responsible for the construction of new and the maintenance and upgrading of existing fishing shelters in the Republic of Cyprus, in order to provide safe harboring for the professional fishing vessels.When there is sufficient space other vessels may by allowed to moor as well.

    Currently in Cyprus there are 16 fishing shelters in operation. In most fishing shelters there are slipways which are open for anyone to use free of charge. The only fishing shelters with no slipways are those of AyiaTriada, Old Limassol port and Akrotiri.

    Furthermore, improvement works are carried out constantly based on the needs of each fishing shelter and the available budget.

    The Fishing Shelter Law and Regulations are enforced in all fishing shelters and in the area 100m around them.

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