Republic of Cyprus
Agricultural Research Institute


Research activity in floriculture is mainly centred on greenhouse production and evaluation of rose cultivars and other cut flowers and greenery. The potential for exploitation of indigenous species as ornamentals in commercial production has been the subject of current research. Evaluation of propagation techniques and improvement of quality characteristics has been the focus of this ongoing work.

With respect to vegetable crops two new studies have been launched to examine the impact of hybrid rootstocks on yield, quality and nutritive value of watermelon cultivars. Compositional, optical and physical quality change with respect to grafting has also been evaluated postharvest in order to further assess the impact of conventional postharvest handling practices on watermelon quality in Cyprus. Additional research work is under way to examine the developing quality profile of grafted cultivars with reference to time post-anthesis.

Within the framework of post-harvest technology of horticultural produce, the evaluation of main industrial processing potato varieties as per their storage and chipping performance and their reconditioning potential following long-term, low-temperature storage has been concluded. The effect of nitrogen fertilization and post-harvest heat treatments on the above performance characteristics of cold-stored potatoes has also been examined. The evaluation of post-harvest storage performance and decay control of table grape varieties is ongoing. Work on evaluating biological methods for post-harvest decay control and quality preservation of citrus has been concluded. A genetic collection of indigenous pomegranate clones has been completed and shall be evaluated as per the quality, technological characteristics and postharvest performance of the clones.

Section's Staff

Marios Kyriakou, Georgios Soteriou, Angelos Kyratzis

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