Republic of Cyprus
Agricultural Research Institute

Rural Development

The Rural Development (RD) Section of the Agricultural Research Institute conducts research with aiming for the improvement of the agricultural sector in Cyprus and enhancement of the quality of life of the Cypriot farmers.

Current research activities include issues for cost of production and marketing of agricultural products, the use of information technology and robotics in agriculture, and the use of satellite remote sensing applications in agriculture.

The RD Section is also responsible for promotion and dissemination activities related to ARI by utilizing internet technologies. It manages the website ARI, the blog site, the page of ARI on Facebook, its Twitter account, and publishes the e-Newsletter which is hosted on its website and also sent via email to subscribers. In addition, lectures/seminars/talks from ARI researchers are hosted on Slideshare and on Youtube Finally, printed material of ARI, such as the Annual Report, the biennial Review and Information Bulletins (in Greek) are presented in electronic magazine format on Issuu

Officers of the Division of Rural Development are involved in collaborative research projects which are funded by the Research Promotion Foundation (AgriRobot  and AGWATER). They also participate in programs funded by the European Union. Since 2008 and 2009 they are involved in the ARIMNET and RURAGRI projects, while from 2010 they participate in the program VOA3R and as observers in the program ICT-AGRI

Section's Staff

Georgios Adamides, Georgios Papadavid, Andreas Stylianou, Marianthi Giannakopoulou, Stavroula Ioannou

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