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Extractive Waste Permits

Extractive Waste Permits

According to the Management of Waste from Extractive Industries Law of 2009, L.82(I)/2009, the operation of an extractive waste facility is prohibited, unless the operator holds a valid permit for an establishment of extractive waste. To obtain the permit, the operator must submit an application to the competent authority with all necessary supporting documents which is then assessed by the competent Technical Committee on Extracting Waste Management.

An application for an Extracting Waste Management Permit must be accompanied by the following:

· Operator’s Identity Card

· Proposed location of the extracting waste facility, including other possible locations

· Authorised Extracting Waste Management Plan

· Adequate arrangements in the form of a financial guarantee

· Information provided by the operator, in accordance with article 12 of the Environmental Impact Assessment from Certain Projects Law of 2009, if an environmental impact assessment is required in the context of this law

· Where applicable, the following permits: waste disposal, urban planning, building and emission of gaseous pollutants.

The Extracting Waste Facility Permit is granted by the Minister of Agriculture, Rural Development and Environment.

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