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Environmental Inspections and Controls


The Department of Environment conducts regular and extraordinary inspections to monitor the implementation of the Environmental Legislation. At the same time, it responds to requests for inspection or complaints. Within this framework, inspections are carried out for the following Laws:

v Control of Water Pollution Laws 2002 to 2013.

v Industrial Emissions (Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control) Law of 2013

v Waste Laws of 2011 to 2016

v Packaging and Packaging Waste Laws 2002 to 2012.

v Emissions of Certain Fluorinated Greenhouse Gases Law of 2010.

For the best possible organisation of inspections, an Environmental Inspections Plan is drawn up at the beginning of each year, which includes all the annual targets of the Department. The Plan also includes targeted sector-specific campaigns to control their waste management. Therefore, monthly programmes are being prepared, including the planned Inspections.

The Department of Environment responds immediately to urgent complaints and grievances and investigates all incidents that come to its attention.

At the end of each Inspection, an Inspection Report is prepared by the Inspectors. Depending on their findings, letters of Compliance or Reports are prepared and sent to the Attorney General for criminal proceedings. During the inspection or afterwards, inspectors may be requested to settle extrajudicially, in accordance with the provisions of the Law. An Annual Report of Inspections is prepared at the end of each year, which includes all the findings of the Inspections, as well as a lot of Inspection Statistics.

For the purposes of the Inspections, the Inspectors of the Department of Environment collaborate with other competent Services as well as with the Cyprus Police.

In accordance with the Legislation, it is prohibited to operate a facility which causes or may cause water or soil pollution without having obtained a prior Permit. Infringements are subject to imprisonment of up to 3 years and / or a fine not exceeding €500,000. The same penalties are also provided in the event of non-compliance in the terms set out in the Permits.

Furthermore, it is noted that inspectors have the right, if they have reasonable cause to believe that offences are committed in connection with the operation of an unauthorised facility, permit terms violations or waste disposal, to proceed with the extrajudicial settlement of an offence without authorisation for amounts up to €4,000.

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