Republic of Cyprus

Environmental Permiting System


The Water and Soil Pollution Control Division is responsible for the control and prevention of water and soil pollution from the operation of industrial and farming activities, waste management facilities and generally from any activity that can or tends to pollute the water and soil. All installations potentially polluting the environment as well as all waste management facilities must be licensed according to the applicable legislation. Also, all waste managers (collection - transportation, marketing - brokerage) should be registered in the Waste Management Records.

Within this framework, an Environmental Licensing System is based on vertically integrated legislation. The Department of Environment issues the following environmental permits and certificates of registration in accordance with the Waste Laws of 2011 to 2016, the Control of Water Pollution Law of 2002, the Industrial Emissions Law of 2013 and the Management of Waste from Extractive Industries Law

- Extractive Waste Permits
- Industrial Emissions Permits

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