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Dear friends,

Welcome to the website of the Geological Survey Department.

The Department was established in 1950 as a specialized branch of the Land and Survey Department aiming to contribute to the survey of the geological conditions, particularly towards the development of the mineral and groundwater resources. In 1955, it became an autonomous Department and after the independence of the Republic of Cyprus, in 1960, it joined the Ministry of Trade and Industry and later the Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development and the Environment, with an expanded role and competences.

Today, the Department’s main objective, as the national institution and advisor of the State for geological matters, is the identification, evaluation, exploitation and protection of mineral and groundwater resources, the investigation and assessment of the geological environment and geohazards, the monitoring and assessment of the seismicity in the area of the Eastern Mediterranean, the investigation of the foundation conditions, the protection and promotion of sites of geological heritage and the production and dissemination of unbiased geo-information to society. In addition, the Department grants permits for the execution of geological surveys and for using governmental boreholes, pursuant to the Law for the Geological Surveys of 2013 (L.140(I)/ 2013). As part of its mission, the Department has specialized scientific and technical staff and operates modern seismological center and network, drilling rigs and specialized laboratories and equipment.

The Department is actively cooperating with other departments of the Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development and Environment and other governmental departments, while at the same time it maintains close cooperation with academic and research institutions both in Cyprus and abroad, through which scientific knowledge is promoted, mainly in the field of geosciences. From the international cooperations, the participation and involvement in the Association of the European Geological Surveys (EuroGeoSurveys) is highlighted.

On our new website you will find information on the geology of Cyprus, the seismicity of the region of the Eastern Mediterranean and the current activities of the Department. In addition, there are annual reports, information leaflets, articles and maps as well as a price list of the available memoirs, bulletins, books and printed maps.

My colleagues and I assure you that the Geological Survey Department will always be on the side of every Cypriot citizen, promoting the achievement of its objectives, contributing towards accomplishing the strategic goals of the Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development and Environment and the State in general.

Christodoulos Hadjigeorgiou

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