Ground Suitability

The Department undertakes the planning, implementation and evaluation of geological - geotechnical investigations required for proper and safe foundation of various development projects (Structures / constructions) of the State and advises on relevant studies prepared by third parties. It also conducts studies related with geohazards, such as landslides and soil subsidence and contributes substantially to the process for revision / amendment of urban planning.

Landslide on a slope on the Pafos-Lemesos highway
near Pissouri

Stabilization measures at a landslide on the
Pafos-Lemesos highway

Microzoning study analysis in part of the Ammochostos district: this study concerns a recently announced convention aimed at investigating soil behavior under earthquake conditions, with the main objective of exploiting its findings to reduce seismic risk in the built up area. The findings will be used for the modernization and upgrading of the Cyprus Earthquake Code. The contract will continue through 2019.

Geological Suitability Zones: This activity includes specialized geological / geotechnical surveys aiming at the rational conservative design and safe urban development of the area. For the year 2018 and with the completion of the geotechnical mapping, geological mapping and geophysical surveys carried out by the Cyprus Geological Department in Paralimni - Agia Napa, a preliminary geological map of the region will be prepared. So far, the suitability maps cover a percentage of 9.65% of Cyprus and include the whole mountainous and hilly areas of Paphos district and smaller areas of Limassol, Lefkosia, Larnaca and Ammochostos districts.

Monitoring and evaluation of landslides in various areas known for their geological problems, with emphasis in the Paphos and Limassol districts. An on-site monitoring of land movements is carried out on the basis of a regular program using electronic equipment (inclinometer). This equipment is used for the rational monitoring of active landslides and under certain conditions, allows for early warning activation. This program includes abandoned villages as well. Currently, 26 locations with a total depth of 561m are monitored in the villages of Pissouri, Armou, Letymbou, Nata, Pentalia, Holetria (old), Panagia, Amiantos, Petra tou Romiou and Pano Deftera - Panagia Chrysopiliotissa. The Cyprus Geological Survey aims to integrate additional areas every year in this monitoring program.

Inclinometer works

Graphical display of the results

In situ Penetration Test (CPT) which took place for
Ammochostos microzonic study

Recent sinkhole (Dec.2018) in
Pera Chorio-Nisou

Karst phenomena in Psematismenos community

Core sampling drilling machine of the
GSD for investigation purposes

Current research projects:

Participation in the European Program EXPASOL: " The effects of soil expansion/shrinkage on building foundations and their mitigation". This program was officially launched in early March 2019 and will last for 2 years.
Read more at the link below.

The effects of soil expansion/shrinkage on building foundations and their mitigation

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