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    Organization of the Geological Survey library begun in the autumn of 2009 after the placement of a qualified librarian seconded from the Ministry of Education. Books, reports, periodicals, geological maps and MSc and PhD dissertations are being catalogued using the Dewey Cataloguing System in the ΑΒΕΚΤTM library database. One third of the nearly 8000 volumes has already been entered into the system and placed on the shelves. Citizens can visit the library or search the survey’s electronic database at the Cyprus Libraries Network website address The webpage gives access to 34 libraries on Cyprus and allows for queries based on library, keywords, author or title. European Directive 2003/4/EC implemented on 14 February 2005 is largely based on the UN/ECE Convention on Access to Information, Public Participation in Decision-making and Access to Justice in Environmental Matters, usually known as the “Aarhus Convention” which was signed on 25th June 1998, in the Danish city of Aarhus. The European Directive having regard to the citizen, makes provisions for easy access to environmental information. The Geological Survey attempts to fulfill this provision but also attempts to reinstate the survey library as a valuable research tool both for citizens and geoscientists.

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