Map Publications

The GSD publications are procurable through the following actions:

1. Ρesidents of Cyprus, can visit the GSD premises at 1 Lefkonos Street, 2064 Strovolos, Lefkosia in order to procure our publications.

2. Via Post office

Information regarding the price can be request either by email through or by an official letter referred to the “Geological Survey Department, P.O. Box 24543, 1301 Lefkosia, Cyprus”, you will receive a billing estimate for the requested publications. The final expenses cost will cover the price for the requested data + VAT (+ postage). Subsequently, remit to the Central Bank of Cyprus (Swift code: CBCYCY2NACC) the estimated amount (after bank charges) through Target 2 for the credit of the Cyprus Government General Account, A/C No CY16001000010000000006001010, in favour of the Geological Survey Department of Cyprus. The printed publications will be delivered by post.

Please note that all the Memoirs enclose geological maps, and the indicated prices do not include Value Added Tax (5%).

The published maps are projected on an online map HERE.

The following document, indicates the procurable maps..

Show details for Γεωλογικοί Χάρτες/Geological MapsΓεωλογικοί Χάρτες/Geological Maps
Show details for Γεωτεχνικοί Χάρτες/Geotechnical MapsΓεωτεχνικοί Χάρτες/Geotechnical Maps
Show details for Γεωφυσικοί Χάρτες/Geophysical Surveys MapsΓεωφυσικοί Χάρτες/Geophysical Surveys Maps
Show details for Ορυκτών Πόρων/Mineral Resources MapsΟρυκτών Πόρων/Mineral Resources Maps
Show details for Υδρογεωλογικοί Χάρτες/Hydrogeological MapsΥδρογεωλογικοί Χάρτες/Hydrogeological Maps
Show details for Yδροχημικοί Χάρτες/Hydrochemical MapsYδροχημικοί Χάρτες/Hydrochemical Maps

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